WATCH: Mom Arranged A Surprise Gift As Appreciation For Eldest Son, And He Broke Down In Tears



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WATCH: Mom Arranged A Surprise Gift As Appreciation For Eldest Son, And He Broke Down In Tears

By Ayunie

A lovely mother on TikTok posted a video surprising his eldest son with his dream gaming controller, yet the video made almost everyone who saw it cry. 

In the video, the mother hid the surprise gift at the backseat of her car and as soon as her eldest son sat in the passenger seat, she began asking him questions. 

"Do you love me Along? Do you know that Ma loves you?", the mother asked. Along was visibly puzzled, yet he entertained her mother and even joking calling her dramatic. Then the heartfelt moment came. The mother told Along to peek into the backseat, and he immediately broke down sobbed into his mother's arms.

"Thank you Along always lending me a hand. Thank you for always prioritising your younger siblings' needs before yours. I love you eternally.", the mother writes. 

You can watch the video below, although we must warn you... you might cry:


Insan pertama y hadir dlm rahimku...Ma syg Along Dunia Akhirat ️ Terima kasih syg...utk segalanya...

Buah Hati - Armada

It's refreshing to see millennial parents ending generational trauma and ditching outdated parenting methods that the generation before them had practiced. 

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