Dangerous Refueling Habit: 90% of M'sians Risk Lives with This Common Action



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Dangerous Refueling Habit: 90% of M'sians Risk Lives with This Common Action


When refuelling your vehicle, not only should you refrain from using your mobile phone, but there is also "one action" that many drivers are unaware of and should avoid. This seemingly ordinary and unconscious action is actually hazardous!


Try recalling how you usually refuel your petrol. Have you ever tapped the fuel tank opening a few times before removing the nozzle to coax a few extra drops of fuel out? Well, it turns out this small action can potentially trigger a fire!

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A local petrol station shared a video on its Instagram account explaining the dangers of this action and it quickly went viral. In the video, the petrol station employee stated that the collision between metal and metal while tapping the fuel tank can create sparks, leading to a fire.


Although it may seem like a minor action, it has the potential for significant harm. It is advised for everyone to refrain from performing this action. Let's prioritize safety and avoid any unnecessary risks while refuelling our vehicles.

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