Perikatan MP Suggests Classifying LGBTQ+ Individuals With Mental Health Issues



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Perikatan MP Suggests Classifying LGBTQ+ Individuals With Mental Health Issues

By Ayunie

In a recent parliamentary session in Malaysia, the Pasir Salak Member of Parliament (MP) made a controversial proposal during discussions on the Mental Health (Amendment) Bill. The MP suggested that individuals identifying themselves as part of the LGBTQ+ movement should be classified as having mental health issues.  

Kapar MP Halimah Ali expressed her agreement with the suggestion, stating that she would incorporate it into her speech. She further emphasized the significance of addressing mental health disorders as a prevalent issue in the country.

The Mental Health (Amendment) Bill currently under discussion in the Malaysian Parliament aims to enhance mental health services, support, and rights in the country. The proposed amendments seek to improve existing legislation to ensure adequate access to mental health care and protect the rights of individuals facing mental health challenges.  

The Pasir Salak MP's proposal to classify LGBTQ+ individuals as having mental health issues has drawn strong criticism from various quarters. Some have argued that the classification of sexual orientation and gender identity as mental health issues contradicts scientific evidence and international standards. 

The debate is currently still ongoing.

What are your thoughts on this? Comment below.

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