If You Are Single Then Maybe You'd Want To Join This M'sian As He Is Looking For A Date On Carousell To Coldplay's Concert



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If You Are Single Then Maybe You'd Want To Join This M'sian As He Is Looking For A Date On Carousell To Coldplay's Concert

By sleepingbeauty

In the aftermath of Coldplay's sold-out concert in KL, social media has been abuzz with scalpers attempting to profit from reselling tickets. However, amidst these posts, an amusing and refreshing ad caught our attention on Carousell.


User @wecoolliekdat took a different approach by seeking a date to accompany him to the upcoming Coldplay concert in November. In his ad, he mentioned purchasing two side-by-side Cat 4 tickets but realized he didn't have a girlfriend to join him.


@wecoolliekdat specified that the ideal companion should be single (VERY single) and a fellow Coldplay fan. To facilitate the selection process, he provided a Google form link containing a questionnaire for interested individuals.

The questionnaire included fun inquiries such as whether a first date at a mamak (local eatery) would be acceptable, reasons why they should be chosen, and their thoughts on going Dutch.


While we found this Carousell post amusing, it's important to prioritize safety when engaging in online interactions. Always exercise caution and avoid compromising your well-being in any situation.


Remember, sometimes unexpected opportunities arise in the most unconventional ways, and who knows, a Coldplay concert could be the backdrop for a remarkable connection.

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