Uni Student Demands Credit Despite Zero Contribution To Group Project



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Uni Student Demands Credit Despite Zero Contribution To Group Project

By JustineG

In a recent incident that has sparked heated discussions among Malaysian netizens, a university student found himself in hot water after neglecting a group assignment due to his involvement in extracurricular activities. 

The repercussions? His teammates decided not to include his name on the final project, leaving him without credit.

According to WhatsApp conversation screenshots circulating on social media, the student who failed to contribute to the group project reached out to one of his teammates, requesting that his name be added to the assignment. 

Boldly, he claimed to be part of the group despite his lack of involvement.


However, his request was met with resistance from his teammate who pointed out his complete absence from the project. 

Despite the clear evidence against him, the student showed no remorse, explaining that his focus was on other commitments, particularly his involvement in a club. 


He exclaimed, "I already told you I'm busy with club activities, why don't you understand? Can't you be more understanding? Is that being selfish?"

In response to being accused of lacking empathy, the student defended himself by stating that he had already accommodated the individual by assigning him the simplest part of the project. However, the student failed to complete even that. 


Blaming the group leader for not taking charge, he justified his inability to fulfil his responsibilities.

Despite the excuses, the teammate repeatedly emphasized that no one objected to the student's other activities and even encouraged his participation. 

However, the problem remained that his absence was conspicuous in the final project. "The issue now is that there is no trace of your contribution in the entire project. Why should your name be included?"


In the end, the anonymous teammate, in the shared post, suggested that if the student had approached the situation with politeness and humility, there might have been room for compromise and adding his name to the assignment. 

However, the student's refusal to acknowledge his wrongdoing and instead blame others was deemed excessive.


This incident has ignited a passionate debate among Malaysian netizens, with many expressing the belief that individuals like this student should face such consequences. 

Some netizens even offered advice, suggesting that when he enters the workforce, he should learn to be more responsible and, at the very least, treat his teammates to a meal as an apology.

The discussions surrounding this incident highlight the importance of accountability and teamwork in academic and professional settings.

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