5 Steps To Make Your Man Go CRAZY While Kissing Him



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5 Steps To Make Your Man Go CRAZY While Kissing Him

By ellephant

There's just something about making men go absolutely bonkers for us women, that is so goddamn sexy. 


Unfortunately, that is a rather difficult task to master, and it takes quite the right amount of precision, manipulation and accuracy. Lucky for you, we found a somewhat perfect clip on TikTok on how to do it (while kissing). 

So, without further ado, here are 5 steps you can put all your energy into, when you're snogging your man, and we're certain he'll lose it. 

1. Bite his lip


I mean this is general knowledge really, because who doesn't like a little tease with intimacy, right?

2. Moan softly


When you're kissing him, the soft sounds escaping your lips, WILL make him lose his shit. Trust us. 

3. Run your hands through his hair


Women, listen up, because men love this. As a matter of fact, they live for this, so whatever you do, do NOT leave this step out. 

4. Place your hands at the back of his neck


Caressing the back of their neck also get's em' going, so this is step 4 in the kissing process. 

5. Pull away, look at him and go back in


Last but not least, pull away just in time for them to keep wanting more, and then give them more. 

Those are the simple ways to giving your man exactly what he wants, and getting exactly what you want in the process. Follow this 5 step guide, and we're positive you'll have him eating out of the the paw of your hand in no time at all ;)

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