6 Signs You're Doing Better Emotionally Today As Compared To Yesterday



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6 Signs You're Doing Better Emotionally Today As Compared To Yesterday

By ellephant

Gaining emotional clarity is no walk in the park. 

It takes years of practice and experience before you can stand up and say you've got your feelings under control. 

Nevertheless it is an ever-evolving maturing process, and so much of life comprises of 'you grow as you go'. 

Here are 6 signs you're doing better emotionally as compared to how you once were. 

Check them out.


1. You understand your role

You know that you're here to look after your feelings and provide support to those who matter. You are not responsible for any other person, in any way. 

2. You don't fear solitude 

You embrace alone time, as it is when you can unwind, decompress and just breathe. There is no fear in being alone. 


3. Nothing is personal

You come to terms with the fact that even when it's directed to you, it's not about you. People project their emotions onto others all the time, you understand and let go. 

4. You can laugh

You're able to find humor in not the best situations. You're lighter, you're kinder and you allow yourself to not take life so seriously. 


5. Goodbye bad news

You do what you can to stay away from negativity, instead you focus on the important things like growing, learning, evolving, and finding fulfillment. 

6. You're pickier, wiser

You don't spend your time with those who exuberate negative energies, or those who drain you. You surround yourself with all who share mutual support and curiosity. 


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