WATCH: Malaysian Teaches Her Cute Grandmother How To Spell & It Is So HEARTWARMING!



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WATCH: Malaysian Teaches Her Cute Grandmother How To Spell & It Is So HEARTWARMING!

By MJC97

WARNING: If you're an emotional person, this video will make you cry!

In the days of our grandparents, people had more troubles like the war to worry about than passing exams so education wasn't really a top priority. Many of our grandparents didn't get the opportunities to learn as we do but instead, they were taught life skills (that we certainly lack).

Recently, we came across a TikTok video that is going viral and it will make you cry! A TikTok user @itsaizajustmint, shared a spelling session she was conducting for her grandmother and we can't get enough of it.

According to the text she wrote in the video, her grandmother had stopped school at an early age but she loves learning and she gains a deep determination for it especially when someone is guiding her. Her grandmother always wished that she could continue going to school like the other kids when she was younger.

Watch the video here but first prepare tissues for the waterworks!

In the video, we can see how hard her grandmother is trying and she seems enthusiastic and passionate about learning. You can also see how she gets distracted when she isn't really sure how to spell certain words, just like we do when we don't know how to answer a question!

It is so sweet and heartwarming to watch her granddaughter patiently sit with her and help her with her spelling. Her granddaughter even wishes that her grandmother would continue to keep learning.

The video is certainly getting a lot of attention as it currently has over 570k views, 119k likes, and almost 2k comments with netizens sharing their support for the TikToker's grandmother. 

Jasmin if you are reading, tell your grandmother that we support her and we are so proud of her! 

Share your support for Jasmin's grandmother in the comments section, I'm sure she will be extra motivated and so happy to hear that she has so many people rooting for her!

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