This App Will Scan Your D*ck Pics For Signs Of STDs & Even Cancer!



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This App Will Scan Your D*ck Pics For Signs Of STDs & Even Cancer!

By MJC97

Who knew dick pics could be used for something other than sexting?!

Recently, a startup based is Singapore, HeHealth, made headlines after they came up with a mobile app that can scan your dick pics and identify if you have any STDs! The mobile app uses AI to analyze photos of your penis for signs of any sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Besides STDs, it can also actually detect other types of rare conditions, like penile cancer.    

Erm, okay that good but does that mean that the people behind the app will have information about myself and a picture of my dick?!

Well, actually they won't! The great part about this app is that it does not collect any personal information about its users! No name, phone number, email address or anything required, just a photo of your little guy downstairs which won't be inked to any other data to ensure your identity remains anonymous.  

All you have to do is snap a photo of your penis, answer a few questions and then instantly review your results. Skeptical? As of July 2022, HeHealth has already run more than 1,000 AI analyses for its users with doctor-verified results.  

Since there is a stigma against talking about STDs and HeHealth is an easy way for you to get the information you need without having an embarrassing conversation with a friend about a weird bump on your penis. 

So for those in need of extra information, you can download the app with the links below:

Google PlayStore | App Store

Dick Pics STDs Scan Your Dick Pics For Signs


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