When You Order Food And The Grab Rider Turns Out To Be Your Boyfriend



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When You Order Food And The Grab Rider Turns Out To Be Your Boyfriend

By sleepingbeauty

You might know someone who is Grab rider. Sometimes, it may be a friend, a member of your family, or even your own significant other.

For this Singaporean, it was undoubtedly her boyfriend, and he used TikTok to document the entire incident.

@kha1zuran BROO I WAS LAUGHING AS SOON I SAW THE BLK AND UNIT NUMBER #fypシ #fyp original sound - Khaii

He can be heard laughing at the beginning of the video when he says, "Greetings, sweetheart! Hold on, girlfriend! ".

She reacted with joy when he delivered the meal to her doorstep, and she also had her phone out to record the entire event.

He was even a little taken aback when she gave him a large $10 tip. 

Internet users are gushing about how adorable this meeting is in the comment section. Someone even commented that the food was once delivered right to their room by a Grab rider who was also their brother.

This is too cute!

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