WATCH: This Daughter Never Stops Hugging Her Dad Since Young, Netizens In Awe



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WATCH: This Daughter Never Stops Hugging Her Dad Since Young, Netizens In Awe

By JustineG

Usually, daughters are closer and more affectionate with their fathers. It's natural for a father to be protective of his daughter. Just like in this shared video, the way a father shows affection towards his daughter has caught the attention of many. 

Through a series of videos and images shared by @knizamk1982 on TikTok, the man showcased moments of embracing his daughter, Yaya. In the video, it's evident that since she was young, his daughter has always been close and affectionate towards him.

Even as she has grown, she still seeks her father's embrace whether she's sad or joyful, as if signifying that there's no place more serene than in the warm hug of a father. Reading through the comments section, most netizens feel touched by the loving bond between a father and his child. 

Some even likened this heartwarming share to the actual movie "Papadom," starring Afdlin Shauki and Liyana Jasmay. Additionally, netizens praised the man for his display of love, stating that a father's affection knows no equal.

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