“Nothing Quite Beautiful As M’sian Rain!” Coldplay Plays A Surprise Original Song Dedicated To M’sians At Their Concert



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“Nothing Quite Beautiful As M’sian Rain!” Coldplay Plays A Surprise Original Song Dedicated To M’sians At Their Concert

By Ayunie

In an unexpected and heartwarming gesture during their concert in Malaysia, Coldplay, the iconic British band, surprised their fans with a special, unreleased song dedicated solely to the country and its beloved weather. 

The lyrics, resonating deeply with the crowd, painted a vivid picture of admiration for Malaysia's unique charm, specifically praising the splendor of its rain. With each verse, Coldplay's lead singer, Chris Martin, conveyed a profound love for Malaysia, emphasizing the sheer delight experienced upon arriving in Kuala Lumpur and celebrating the country's weather.

Here are the lyrics to the surprise song:

I've been to Europe

I have been to Spain

But there's nothing quite as beautiful as the Malaysian rain

Whenever I'm down

Whenever I'm in pain

I love to stand in Malaysian rain

Whenever I feel like I shouldn't have been born

I stand in the rain and it keeps me warm

The most wonderful rain that I've ever seen

I'm going to leave Malaysia feeling fucking clean

When I land in Kuala Lumpur I said "Oh my gosh! We're gonna

play a concert and I'm gonna have a wash!"

I wish we could play for another hour

Man, I could take another hour long shower

When I get home I'm going to explain

Just how beautiful Malaysian rain

Malaysian rain oh Malaysian rain

Just how beautiful Malaysian rain!

The song's heartfelt lyrics echoed a sincere sentiment rarely witnessed in live performances, evoking an outpouring of emotion from the audience. As the band serenaded the crowd with their surprise original composition, the stadium was enveloped in an atmosphere of joy and appreciation. 

Coldplay's tribute to Malaysia's rain, a momentous and unexpected gift, not only showcased their musical prowess but also solidified their connection with their Malaysian fans, leaving an enduring memory for each to remember.

Watch the video below:

What do you think of the song? Comment below.

Source: @pelisahh on X

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