Here Are Some Things Your Girlfriend Wants, But Doesn't Wanna Ask...



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Here Are Some Things Your Girlfriend Wants, But Doesn't Wanna Ask...

By ellephant

Girls want a lot of things, but what girls do not want, is having to ask for said things. 

The only thing a girl wants more than things, is having her boyfriend do for her things without her having to ask. 

Here is a list of a few things that women want, without asking her boyfriend for em'. 

Boys, listen up!  

#1 Candid photos

She wants you to randomly take pictures of her when she's happy, or when she's wearing a cute outfit. Not a posed shot, but the cute, random, effortlessly a main character ones. 

#2 Random reassurances

If there is one thing women never get bored of, it is being reassured of how you feel for them. Tell her what she means to you every chance you get.

#3 Surprise dates

Surprise dates that are especially sweet and romantic will definitely get you some brownie points in her books.  

#4 Forehead kisses

There is no explanation even needed for this one. It really is just the best thing you can do for your girl.

#5 Cooking for her

We all love a man who can cook. But what we love more is a man who puts in the effort despite how the meal ends up tasting.

#6 A love letter

It could be a letter, it could be a note, but that small gesture will honestly be everything to her.  

#7 A plushie 

Something to cuddle with at night when you're not around? We'll take that bet!

#8 Flowers

It is the only gift that isn't so much about the gift itself, but the whole act of giving. Something that tells them, 'hey, I was thinking about you, and...' 

That's it! Some of the things she wants you to do but doesn't want to ask you to do it. So, step up!  

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