Wedding Cards Are Essential Part Of A Wedding | 8 Amazing Wedding Card Ideas



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Wedding Cards Are Essential Part Of A Wedding | 8 Amazing Wedding Card Ideas

By Jada

Every detail of the wedding must be perfect and match your choice because a wedding only happens once in a lifetime.

The wedding invitation card is the first item to show your friends and relatives with the details of the wedding. Therefore, a creative wedding invitation card could share the joy of marriage together with your loved ones. In this article, I would like to share some wedding card invitation ideas that might be suitable to be used for your wedding.

1. Wedding invitation card with lace 

Lace is the main element of a girl's dream wedding. You could create a wedding invitation card with laces on both sides and then tie it with delicate ribbons. When the friends and relatives open the wedding invitation card, it's like opening a door to share your happiness.  

2. Transparent Wedding Invitation Card

This kind of wedding invitation card has a bursting sense of fashion. Transparent wedding invitation cards could be a representation of pure love between you and your partners in fighting every difficulty to come to marriage together without fear.  

3. Puzzle-style Wedding Invitation Card

A puzzle-style wedding invitation card just like you finally found your life partner, and now life is finally complete.     

4. Sketch of Wedding Invitation Card

Such a lovely wedding invitation card will make friends and relatives smile at first sight. You could even incorporate the personality and appearance of yourself and your partner into the wedding invitation card.  

5. In The Form Of Exquisite Box

You could fit things like your wedding photo, invitation card, your favorite perfume and others in this small and delicate box. Then, you could tie the box with a ribbon so that it looks even more noble and temperamental.  

6. Passport Wedding Invitation Card

This kind of invitation cars is suitable for you if your wedding is held in oversea, or if both of you are travel lovers.  

7. Wedding invitation card with a round runner

Wedding invitation card with a round runner actually symbolizes that your life finally going well after you met your life partner.  

8. Bookmark-style Wedding Invitation Card

This style is most suitable for couples who are bookworms. You could attach three photos of you and your partner. This would let your friends and relatives know the shared love between you and your partner.  

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