How Many of These TOXIC Lines Have You Heard?



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How Many of These TOXIC Lines Have You Heard?

By ellephant

Being in love is great, but what isn't great is when what started off as an epic love story, quickly becomes toxic beyond measure. Yes, not everyone is unfortunate enough to go through it, but enough of relationships do actually crumble from toxicity.  

Have you ever stopped to assess if your relationship could be toxic, or is heading in that dreaded direction? 

Here are 8 lines that your significant other may or may not have said to you in the course of your relationship. Keep in mind that 8/8 of these are TOXIC and should NOT be tolerated. 

1. "I already said sorry. What else do you want from me?"  

2. "I'm sorry that you feel that way"  

3. "We were having a good day today, why'd you have to ruin it?"  

4. "I promise it'll be different this time"  

5. "I guess I just can't joke around with you anymore"  

6. "I just won't tell you how I feel from now on"  

7. "I guess I just can't do anything right"  

8. "Why do you always have to make me the bad guy?"  

So, on a scale of 1 to 8, how many of those have you heard? Because even if it's 1, it's bad news and needs to stop, now.  

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