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Unboxing Aaron Chia: Cute and Romantic Personality Proven by His Old Tweets

MJC97   |   Aug 5, 2021, 14:56   |   200

I know I said I’ll stop snooping after going through Wooi Yik’s and Zii Jia’s old twitter accounts, but you guuuuys, I just couldn’t stop myself when I stumbled upon Aaron Chia’s old Twitter account. And boy, oh boy this is one huge treasure trove for sure!

Unlike, Zii Jia and Wooi Yik, Aaron did a lot more tweeting in younger days. The account isn’t active anymore as the last tweet was in 2015 and it was redirecting his followers to a new twitter account. 

Don’t worry, I stalked the new account, and it doesn’t really have anything interesting in it. So, we will focus on the old account.

After scrolling until my fingers hurt, I found his first tweet and I am speechless. 

OMG who remembers that song? Clearly it was so addictive that Aaron Chia just had to tweet about it. 

All his tweets after that grand opening ceremony were mainly sweet, cute and super romantic. I think if I included all the romantic tweets here, you would all fall for him, so I will just include 3. 

Try your best not to fall for him okay, he is married!

This tweet just reminds me of good old teenage love. 

Oh, I wonder who that lucky girl was…

Like come onnnnn, how can someone be so romantic and sweet. 

It’s not all about love though, he also had come nice things to tweet about friendship and family. 

He was also super duper inspirational. I guess my pervious article about his perseverance can also be proven by all these tweets. BTW, that was me plugging my previous article, so if you have read that click on this link. 

The poor thing also probably faced a few heartbreaks in his younger life, because some of his tweets are just so sad, it made me turn on a sad Spotify playlist while I read it. 

Well, if the person who broke Aaron Chia’s heart back then is reading this, I bet you regret your decision now! But guess what honey, it is too late! 

Also, while his twitter account mainly focused on his life and relationships as a teenager, he did have a few badminton related tweets as well. 

Overall, this was a nice nostalgic trip to those teenage years. It as nice to see the more cute, sweet and romantic side of Aaron Chia. 

And this time, I pinky promise, there will be no more snooping! 


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