4 Zodiac Signs That Will Be Most Affected by The Upcoming Lunar Eclipse



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4 Zodiac Signs That Will Be Most Affected by The Upcoming Lunar Eclipse

By MJC97

This Friday the world gets to experience the longest partial lunar eclipse in over 500 years. In Malaysia, it will start at 2:02 PM but will only start to be visible at around 6:58 PM. At exactly 7:00 PM it will be exactly at its maximum in KL.

This is the moment when the eclipse reaches its greatest magnitude and since the Moon is near the horizon at this time, go to a high point or find an unobstructed area with free sight to East-northeast for the best view of the eclipse.

While you’re busy planning a date with your partner for some lunar eclipse gazing, bear in mind that our zodiac signs are actually affected by everything that happens in the universe. 

So, if you’re these zodiac signs, you might want to pay attention because this is how you will be affected by the lunar eclipse:

+ Taurus Zodiac Signs (April 20 - May 20)


Taurus will be directly affected since the lunar eclipse ingresses into this headstrong earth sign. So, you will be facing some huge changes to your self-identity. 

This will be hard for you as you are a fixed sign and being outside you comfort zone isn’t really your forte. 

Expect your biggest challenges related to body image and expression to be highlighted but make sure you celebrate and recognize the progress you’ve made. This will help you gain a new perspective about your challenges. 

+ Leo Zodiac Signs (July 23 - August 22)


The eclipse will leave you exposed and vulnerable as it moves into your public life. You might start feeling like you have to behave a certain way or try and fir in at work or in your social life. 

You might start over-performing which will leave you overwhelmed and could lead to burnout. 

So, stop relying on other to push you to the place you need to go to and instead find strong footing in yourself. 

+ Scorpio Zodiac Signs (October 23 - November 21)


Scorpio mut be on guard because the eclipse will have an effect on their relationships! Your closest relationships may take unexpected turns and you’ll start reflecting on your needs in your relationships. 

Instead ignoring any neglect or hurt to your relationships, think about your connections deeply and face the challenges that pop up. Ignoring them will only make you suffer more. 

Stand up for yourself and your experiences, so that the people around you can give you the support you need. 

+ Aquarius Zodiac Signs (January 20 - February 18)


The eclipse will have the most effect on your home and private life. It will reveal something about your past that will make you a little more sentimental. 

Parts of your identity will no longer provide you with a stable foundation for you to exist freely and you will have to make peace with that. 

Take some time to mediate as well as nurture and reparent yourself as you move into this new phase in your life. 

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