Stalk Joe Goldberg’s Posh New Friends in ‘You’ Season 4 First Look Photos



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Stalk Joe Goldberg’s Posh New Friends in ‘You’ Season 4 First Look Photos

By storyteller24

ICYMI: Joe Goldberg Is Back For A Bloody Good Time In 'YOU' Season 4

Break out your passport because you're going to want to follow Joe Goldberg across the pond for Season 4 of You. 

We're debuting first look photos from the thriller's upcoming season, which finds Penn Badgleys murderous (and now hirsute) romantic trying to move beyond his past and embrace his new scholarly life in London. But as these images tease, old habits are definitely hard to break. Will he finally find true love this time around? 

Ahead, see all the exclusive photos which also reveal the new characters in Joes dangerous orbit and learn everything you need to know about You Season 4. 

When does You Season 4 premiere? 

The latest chapter in Joes life is split into two five-episode batches. You Season Part 1 premieres Feb. 9, and Part 2 arrives exactly a month later on March 9. 

Where did we leave off? 

Season 3 began with Joe and his equally murderous wife, Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti), settling down in the wealthy northern California town of Madre Linda. You'd think a shared hobby would bring the couple closer together, but alas, the two grow further and further apart – especially once Joe finds a new obsession in local librarian and artist Marienne (Tati Gabrielle). Fully aware of what's going on with Joe, Love warns Marienne to run away before she winds up dead like every other woman in Joe's life. Love knows her marriage is over, but really takes the whole "till death do us part" thing seriously and starts plotting her husband's death. But then, in the Season 3 finale, Joe outwits Love, killing her before she can kill him, then fakes his death and heads to France to find Marienne. 

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