#QC Are Your Besties Green Flags? OHOH 4 Red Flags Which Exist In Friendships



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#QC Are Your Besties Green Flags? OHOH 4 Red Flags Which Exist In Friendships

By ellephant

We love green flag people, because let's admit it, no one has the time of day for toxicity.

How many years old were you when you found out that friends too can be toxic?

Sometimes, they aren't so loud about it, we think that it's no big deal. 


However, in actuality, it's always the small things. 

Check out these red flags down below, and make sure you identify them in the people you share parts of your soul with. 

#1 They don't like seeing you succeed

They minimize your accomplishments every chance they get. 

#2 They only want to talk about themselves

They show very little interest in your life and your problems. 


#3 They only reach out when they need something

They're there when they need help, and then you hardly see or hear from them. 

#4 They dislike communication/confrontation

Even when there's something wrong, they rather stay silent, instead of talking things out. 

Do your friends exhibit such behaviors? If they do, it may be time to start talking about it. 


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