WATCH: "Something Is Missing!!" Korean TikToker Claims M'sian Durians Taste Better Than Durians From Thailand



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WATCH: "Something Is Missing!!" Korean TikToker Claims M'sian Durians Taste Better Than Durians From Thailand

By JustineG

A Korean TikToker residing in Malaysia, Tara Choi, admitted that the claim about Thai durians not being as delicious as Malaysian durians holds true. Through a video shared on her TikTok account, she purchased two pieces of Monthong durian to taste for herself while in Thailand. 

Tara started feeling something amiss when she observed the way the seller cut the durian fruit, which was different from what she usually sees in Malaysia. "It looks sad and drier" was her initial reaction as Tara held the contents of the Thai durian in her hotel room. 

After taking the first bite, she stated that the flesh of the Monthong durian wasn't that great because the colour, smell, and taste were less appealing compared to durians found in Malaysia. 

"This isn't right. Something is off", she said.

Tara admitted that she now understands why people claim that durians from Thailand are not tasty. According to comments shared by TikTok users, one reason the flesh of Thai durians turns out this way is because the fruit is picked, rather than allowed to fall naturally as is customary in Malaysia. 

Additionally, netizens explained that Monthong durians need to be picked because the fruit would spoil if it were to fall to the ground. 

It is understood that the skin of the durian becomes soft, while the flesh inside becomes mushy like old durian. Furthermore, Tara agreed with netizens' comments about the deliciousness of Thai mangoes. "True, Thai mangoes and some other fruits are very delicious here (in Thailand)," said Tara.

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