It's Not That Deep Sis - 5 Signs A Man Actually Loves You



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It's Not That Deep Sis - 5 Signs A Man Actually Loves You

By ellephant

Many fear commitment, and as a result stand in the way of allowing themselves actual love. 

Relationships are no walk in the park, however they are also not rocket-science difficult. When someone loves you, nothing is too hard. 

Here are 5 signs he is legit. Check if they fit your boxes.  

#1 He will make time

Whether it's a phone call, a text or coming to see you, no matter his schedule, he will make time for you. 

#2 He thinks about you

You do not consume the largest part of his brain, but from the moment he wakes to the moment he goes back to bed, you're always there at the back of his mind.

#3 He puts in the effort

He takes initiative, makes plans, goes the extra mile for you, because he knows you're worth his trying. 

#4 He respects himself and you

He appreciates knowing your whereabouts, but gives both himself and you a respectful amount of space. 

#5 He listens and understands

It could be the minutest details, but he pays attention. He listens to you, and always does his absolute best to understand.  

Not that hard, but does your partner fit the bill?

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