7 Essentials You Should Have Prepped In Your Car For Emergencies



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7 Essentials You Should Have Prepped In Your Car For Emergencies

By ellephant

We all drive about in our cars without overthinking things. 

However, it is important to have some essentials in your car when you drive. 

In case of emergencies, these 7 things listed down below will certainly come in handy. 

Check them out down below. 

1. A portable tire pump


This way when your tires run out of air, you can always just pump some in wherever you are. 

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2. A tire jack


Whether manual or the ones with hydraulics, this will certainly help you when you need to change your tire. 

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3. A jump starter powerbank


This would help charge battery when your car battery is dead, and you wouldn't need the assistance of other cars. 

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4. A dashcam


Important to record accidents especially, but also works as a CCTV for your car's safety. 

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5. A torchlight


A little light to inspect the dark places is never a bad idea no?

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6. A reflective triangle/portable safety cone


These can help to alert/warn other cars on the road when your vehicle is having problems. 

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7. A fire extinguisher 


It's always a good move to have a fire extinguisher in your car, no matter what happens. 

Prep these 7 stuff in your car so you'll be ready for the worst of days, should they come. 

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