Local Woman Catches Her BF Going Through Her Dirty Laundry Bag To Steal Her Panties



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Local Woman Catches Her BF Going Through Her Dirty Laundry Bag To Steal Her Panties

By JustineG

A local woman had to end her relationship with her boyfriend after discovering his strange habit of stealing and hoarding women's underwear, a behaviour known as a 'sexual fetish' or 'paraphilia'. 

The woman, known as Shira (not her real name), in her 30s, revealed that Zul (not his real name), whom she knew, came from an influential and respected family. 


"I was in a relationship with Zul for almost four years, and he was the most respectful in maintaining our boundaries. We were in a long-distance relationship, with Zul working up north while I studied in Kuala Lumpur. Usually, I would hitch a ride with him to my hometown in the north whenever he went home to his family in the capital city.

I trusted him because Zul was very mindful of our boundaries and never took advantage," she said. Shira found herself puzzled by the frequent disappearance of her underwear whenever she returned home by carpooling with Zul. The mystery was solved when she caught Zul taking and hiding her underwear. 


"During the incident, I had just come out of a gas station restroom. I saw Zul rummaging through a bag of dirty laundry. My habit is to take dirty laundry home to wash in my hometown. 

"I saw Zul holding something before hastily hiding it in his pants pocket," she said. According to Shira, Zul was unaware that she had witnessed his actions. Later, Shira checked the bag and found her underwear missing. 


Two weeks later, when Shira asked Zul to drive her home to her village, he once again stole her underwear during a rest stop.  "I pretended not to notice before catching Zul trying to unzip my bag in secret. I then shared the incident with my family, who urged me to end our relationship," she said. 

Shira informed Zul of her decision to break up and explained the reasons behind it. However, Zul denied any involvement in the matter. "At first, Zul denied it, but eventually admitted to having a strange preference for hoarding unwashed women's underwear since high school," she said.

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