Holiday Plans To Bali? Take Note Of A Tourist Fee You Now Have To Pay!



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Holiday Plans To Bali? Take Note Of A Tourist Fee You Now Have To Pay!

By ellephant

Based on latest regulations, tourists now need to pay tourism tax upon entering/leaving Bali.

All foreigners would need to pay 150,000 rupiah in tourism tax when they visit Bali, Indonesia from 14 Feb onward.

Tourists arriving from other parts of Indonesia via land or domestic flights would also need to pay the tax, and children are not exempted.  

Island hoppers who have paid the fee, and then go to Lombok and Gili Islands (outside Bali province) would have to pay another 150,000 rupiah when they return back to Bali.

Bali tourism chief first announced the tax in September 2023. According to him, the payment can be processed at airport counters swiftly. But, tourists are encouraged to pay the tax via the Love Bali website/app, before leaving the island.

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