"I Thought It Was Supposed To Be Free?" Customer Shocked To Be Charged RM20 "Seating Fees" At Hot Pot Restaurant In KL



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"I Thought It Was Supposed To Be Free?" Customer Shocked To Be Charged RM20 "Seating Fees" At Hot Pot Restaurant In KL

By Ayunie

A Chinese hotpot restaurant in Kuala Lumpur is under scrutiny after a netizen shared their experience of being charged an undisclosed 'seating fee' only during the checkout, without prior notification.

The incident came to light when a user posted their grievances on the 'Malaysia Legal Discussion Zone' Facebook page, detailing their visit to the restaurant in the city center. The netizen expressed surprise upon discovering the 'seating fee' during the payment process.

The receipt attached to the post indicated a seating fee of RM20, translating to RM5 per person as the netizen dined with three friends.


The netizen criticized the restaurant, citing its slow business and location beneath an apartment. This marked their first encounter with a 'seating fee,' leading to confusion and the query, "Is it not normal for a restaurant to provide seating and utensils?"

Aware of additional charges in China, such as 'seating fees,' 'condiment fees,' and 'utensil fees,' the netizen questioned why similar hidden charges were present in Malaysia. They raised concerns about businesses not informing customers beforehand, potentially violating consumers' right to information and choice.


The post triggered discussions among netizens, with calls to report the incident to the Consumer Affairs Department to curb such practices. Some users also observed that the prices on the receipt were in Chinese yuan, speculating that the restaurant might be using a Chinese cash register, leading to receipts displaying yuan prices.

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Source: China Press

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