Are You In A 'Situationship'? What Is It & 3 IMPORTANT Signs To Know If You're In One



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Are You In A 'Situationship'? What Is It & 3 IMPORTANT Signs To Know If You're In One

By ellephant

Have you ever heard the term 'situationship'?

What is it?

Well, it is basically a relationship where you're just sorta, kinda stuck. By definition, it is a romantic relationship which is undefined and uncommitted. 

It isn't the same as being in a friends with benefits (FWB) type situation. Those who are in FWBs don't become personal or emotional with the person they are involved with. They do not engage with the other about their personal lives.  

In a situationship though, there is more relationship stuff, without the commitment or the labels. 

What are the signs one may check, to see if they are in a situationship? We've listed the 3 big ones down below. 

1. They are not consistent  

You spend time with them, you talk to them for awhile, and suddenly you don't hear from them for days. 

2. You're confused  

Sometimes, they would open up to you about things, and do stuff only couples would, but then other times, they are avoidant, shut-down and again, radio silent. 

They make you think you could get close to them, but then they pull back and the confusion starts. 

3. It 'feels' like a relationship (sometimes)  

They may open up to you, go on dates with you, talk about serious things with you, but when it comes to asking, 'what are we', 'where is this going', they draw blanks. 

It can be frustrating being in a situationship, and it can hurt more than one would intend it to. So if you find yourself in one, and you don't like where you're at, this is your window to cut the chord, before things get worse. 

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