Heidi Klum Posts NSFW Instagram, Remains Iconic



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Heidi Klum Posts NSFW Instagram, Remains Iconic

By storyteller24

Heidi Klum, person who recently dressed as a worm for Halloween, is out here thriving on Instagram. And by that, I mean, she woke up, decided she had zero f***s to give about the platform's censorship rules, and posted a photo of herself in a white leotard with a casual nip-slip:

I want what she's having, TBH.

Anyway, unclear who makes Heidi's white spaghetti strap bodysuit, but considering she just did a shoot with Kim Kardashian's company Skims, now seems like a good time to buy ourselves a bodysuit. 

And now also seems like a good time to revisit Heidi's 2022 Halloween costume, which consisted of her placing herself into a worm suit and posing like this on the red carpet of her annual Halloween party:

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