Affordable, Minimalist, Covered Office Shoes On Shopee That Are Worth Every Penny



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Affordable, Minimalist, Covered Office Shoes On Shopee That Are Worth Every Penny

By MJC97

Going back to the office after 2 years of working from home was definitely not an easy transition for most of us. Some of our clothes didn't fit anymore, some of our shoes got old and out of style and most of our sleeping schedules were upside down. IT has only been two months since all restrictions were lifted and we were sent back to the office and yet, we long for the days when working from home was a thing!

While it is rather sad that we have to go into the office again, there's one thing that can definitely change our mood about going to work - NEW WORK OUTFITS! Let's start with the shoes. here are some affordable office shoes on Shopee that will make you walk into your office in style with a huge smile:

#1 Pull-On Flat Shoes | RM34.80 | Purchase Link  

#2 Rubber Rope SANIA | RM16.50 | Purchase Link  

#3 ZAHRA Sandal | RM15.90 | Purchase Link  

#4 Square Head Flats | RM14.90 | Purchase Link  

#5 Mary Janes | RM24.50 | Purchase Link  

#6 Korean Style Loafer Flats | RM47.00 | Purchase Link  

#7 Comfortable Pea Shoes | RM18.90 | Purchase Link  

#8 V-mouth Pointed Toe Sandals | RM29.99 | Purchase Link  

#9 Ulzzang Korean Pointed Shoes | RM25.90 | Purchase Link  

#10 Bow Loafers | RM22.97 | Purchase Link  

What kind of shoes do you wear to the office? Share your answers in the comments section! 

Affordable Minimalist Covered Affordable Office Shoes Minimalist Office Shoes Office Shoes On Shopee


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