‘Single’s Inferno’ Is Back for Season 2 to Heat Up Your Day



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‘Single’s Inferno’ Is Back for Season 2 to Heat Up Your Day

By storyteller24

What do you get when you mix a group of young, hot singles together on a deserted island? Well, if you're on Single's Inferno... hell. But, there's an enticing way to escape: Find someone to couple up with, and you can leave to go to "heaven," where luxurious meals and accommodations await you. But as we learned in Season 1 earlier this year, finding love on Hell Island is just as hard as it sounds.

Thankfully, a brand-new batch of singles are ready to jump into the fire for Season 2, which you can catch on Netflix today! You can get a taste of the delicious drama to come in the new trailer.

"One decision can be the difference between paradise and inferno," the clip begins. From there, were met with a pirate ship–themed Inferno, which got a few upgrades for round 2 (including the possibility of nighttime dates). We also get a few glimpses of the...material...we'll be seeing this season. Though the identities of the singles are being kept secret for now, their reactions are unmistakable – joy, tears, fear of rejection and, of course, a healthy amount of spiciness.

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