Finding Ways To Know Your Worth



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Finding Ways To Know Your Worth

By Sereeta

Relationship. A word that has the power to bring one down on a bended knee, a word strong enough to tear a person limb by limb. The definition of this 12-lettered word is rather simple, a method of connection between two people reads the urban dictionary. 

Many beautiful things stem from a relationship and in this case a scenario of two people, in love. When one is in love, there is a certain feeling of exhilaration that surrounds them. Perhaps it's the immense happiness they feel or the giddiness of finally having someone to talk to and rely on. 

Acts of service in a relationship are necessary to a certain extent. One should never be forced into doing something they refuse or to be put in a mental space where they constantly feel like there needs to be repayment. 

Cases like these call for a figurative act of "drawing the line". A relationship grows day by day, just as the people in it face change, be it unwanted change or intentional change. Change is inevitable and many find themselves trapped in its cruel fate. But you can always find ways to make better of the situation at hand without losing yourself. 

An idea of a relationship being a field of roses is an elaborate scheme to suck people into forgetting that roses have thorns. This happens to everyone and eventually leading people to feel like their relationship is nothing but a block of lies. Making sure your relationship is a healthy one, begins with you!

What are the ways you can identify and know your worth:-  

1. Tell them when something hurts you

- It is very easy for one to say something they didn't mean but when that is not corrected it tends to be repeated. To safeguard yourself, a little nudge in reminding your significant other is not going to cause any damage. In fact, it might even help strengthen the relationship!  

2. Talk it out! 

- Many forget communication when it comes to anything at all. Not saying something makes things worse for a situation. Bringing up a situation to talk it out will help you gain your composure and make you a more understanding person.  

3. Take a day off

- There are many things you might have let go of when you got into a relationship. Don't forget yourself. Take yourself out for a nice date or spend some time with your group of friends who were there even before the relationship began. A day with the pals will sure lift your spirits and make you see the bigger picture. Remember why you first started!  

4. Take time 

- Take time to realize that things will not be perfect always, but things can change in only a matter of time. 

In all seriousness, keep in mind that it is always you against the problem at hand and never each other. Brighter days are ahead. The sun may set in your day but it always rises. So staying positive is key and remembering that love prevails! The sun will always shine again.

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An avid writer who loves storytelling, talking, and dreaming. Writing has always been my greatest joy. There's nothing better than a piece that pierces the heart!



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