Been To Genting SkyWorlds During Heavy Rain? Here's How To Get a FREE Ticket As Compensation!



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Been To Genting SkyWorlds During Heavy Rain? Here's How To Get a FREE Ticket As Compensation!

2 Weeks ago

Ever since its grand opening on 8th February 2022, Genting Skyworlds has since welcomed massive seas of visitors.  Located 6,000ft above sea level, Genting Skyworlds is blessed with a colder climate than its nearby surroundings. Naturally, the weather will tend to get volatile once in a while, such as heavy rains with no prior warnings.

According to Genting Skyworlds official website, even though most of their rides and attractions are equipped to withstand the heavy rain, extra caution is still heavily exercised to ensure the safety of everyone by temporarily forfeiting some of the machine-operated outdoor activities.

You'll get a free ticket when that happens!
Should you experience inclement weather for more than 2 hours during your visit, you'll be entitled to Genting Skyworlds' Rainy Day Guarantee, offering you a FREE return day-ticket! This ticket is to be used within the next 12 months, so make sure to utilize it within the time period!  

How do I get it?
1. Download the Genting SkyWorlds mobile app and register your ticket.
2. You'll get an instant notification in the event of the Rainy Day Guarantee.
3. Keep your original ticket(s) and/or confirmation email if booked online as you will need these for your next visit.
4. Check their website for opening times, any capacity restrictions, and attraction availability before going.
5. Bring the original ticket(s) and NRIC/Passport to validate your new ticket. 
6. You'll be issued a new ticket once verified. 

Click HERE for more information on this. Forward this to your friends and family so they'll know what to do the next time they visit Genting Skyworlds during bad weather! 

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