If You Have People In Your Life Who Do These Things To You, It Is Time To Go



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If You Have People In Your Life Who Do These Things To You, It Is Time To Go

By ellephant

Having a support system in life is great. 

However, sometimes we're so focused on having that system, or a sense of belonging, we forget those who may be there, but not exactly in the healthiest sense. 

If there are those in your life who do these 5 things to you, it'd be best to dissociate. 

Check them out. 


1. Use you

Those who use you only when they need you. Don't allow yourself to be used that way. 

2. Lie to you

If they're not being honest with you about things, then you shouldn't be wasting your time with them. 


3. Put you down

No one should be making you feel like they are better than you. Cut them out. 

4. Disrespect you

Believe it or not, so many allow people who disrespect them stay in their lives. Don't be one of them. 

5. Waste your energy

If they are not matching your energy, or even attempting to, move on. Energy should always be reciprocated. 


These people are not your support system or your friends. They just 'look' like it. 

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