SHOCKING: Woman Scams 3 Men into Marriage While Husband Works Outstation



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SHOCKING: Woman Scams 3 Men into Marriage While Husband Works Outstation

By JustineG

Infidelity is one thing, but marrying not one, but three additional men while still legally wed is a whole new level of betrayal.

The woman lured these men while her legitimate husband was out of town due to work demands. According to sources, the woman known as Chu, disregarded her role as a mother to a daughter, enticing three bachelors with hopes of marrying them. Chu is said to have deceived them using a fake name.

Reports suggest that Chu maintained relationships with each victim for several months before marriage. However, Chu used a cunning tactic, avoiding official marriage registration by claiming she needed to remain single to receive compensation from authorities.

She even planned to stage a wedding by hiring people to act as wedding attendees. Throughout her fake marriages, she amassed assets worth RM 419,000. During this period, Chu would lie to her two other husbands if she wanted to meet one of them, citing business trips that required her to be away for some time.

However, her deceit was uncovered when one of the victims went searching for her and found out that Chu was legally married to another man. Upon learning this, the victim filed for divorce last April. 

Additionally, the victim filed a police report regarding Chu's fraud, and she faces a minimum prison sentence of 10 years. With her activities exposed, her legal husband has also learned of her actions, making Chu's story a hot topic of discussion in the country, sparking widespread debate.

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