“They Inserted Stick Into Our Anus!" Men Kidnapped, Forced Into Scam Job And Anal Sex By Perverted Scam Syndicate



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“They Inserted Stick Into Our Anus!" Men Kidnapped, Forced Into Scam Job And Anal Sex By Perverted Scam Syndicate


In a shocking revelation, Taiwanese law enforcement has successfully dismantled a fraudulent syndicate involved in a heinous scam, where victims were not only financially exploited but also subjected to brutal physical and sexual abuse. The Taipei court has handed down convictions to seven individuals, including a ringleader named Zhang, for their involvement in this disturbing criminal enterprise.


The modus operandi of the group involved enticing victims with lucrative job opportunities before imprisoning them in a coercive environment. Victims were then forced to disclose personal banking information, allowing the criminals to carry out fraudulent activities. Should the victims resist, they faced severe physical violence and, shockingly, coerced sexual acts, including anal and oral sex.

The court detailed that the criminals, operating under aliases like "Will Smith," "Mbappe," and "Tiezhi," targeted individuals by posing as job recruiters or providers of financial services. The victims, believing they were engaging in legitimate employment or financial transactions, fell prey to the ruthless tactics of the fraudulent organization.


Disturbingly, the criminals monitored victims' compliance by utilizing methods such as electric shocks, belts, and other forms of torture. 

In an extreme case, two male victims were forced to perform oral and anal sex, before inserting a wooden rod into their anus. Both the victims were too terrified to be aroused or ejaculate. The criminals then punished them with electric shock and/or spanking with a belt. The entire process was recorded on video, and shared within a Telegram group with nine members, including the mastermind known as "Will Smith."


The authorities raided a confinement location in Taichung City's Beitun District, rescuing four victims and apprehending the seven suspects. Shockingly, the investigation uncovered that the criminal organization had orchestrated fraudulent transactions totalling 32 million New Taiwan Dollars (approximately 4.78 million Malaysian Ringgit).

In a landmark court decision, Zhang, identified as a key figure in the organization, has been sentenced to 10 years and 10 months in prison. The remaining six individuals received sentences ranging from 1 year and 10 months to 10 years and 8 months. The court emphasized the severe impact of the crimes, highlighting the disruption of financial order, the significant threat to social security, and the egregious violation of victims' autonomy, leading to profound physical and psychological suffering.

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