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Malaysia Has Now Declared State Of Emergency

Selle   |   Jan 12, 2021, 12:20   |   114


The exasperation shared collectively among all Malaysians at the wake of the second implementation of Movement Control Order (MCO) is all too evident. The hashtag #KitaJagaKita is once again a weapon of hope as we brace ourselves for another lockdown. In case you're still blurry on the guidelines, A few keynotes to remember include:

 • No interstate and interdistrict travels.
 • Social gatherings are strictly prohibited. 
 • A limit of two persons from a single household are allowed to be in a vehicle and to depart from home at one time. 
 • Movement is limited to 10km radius in a particular vehicle.
 • Roadblocks are to be implemented.
 • Only five essential economic sectors allowed to operate: manufacturing; construction; service; trade and distribution; and plantations and commodities.
 • Only 30% of employees allowed to be within a company's management groups at all times. (non-essential workers are to strictly work from home.)
 • Stalls and food delivery services are to operate as usual, although only takeaways are allowed.
 • Supermarkets and healthcare services remain operative yet strictly required to adhere to SOP.
 • Recreational and religious activities are to be restricted.


As of today, a proclamation of emergency is consequently declared by Malaysian prime minister Tan Sri Dato’ Muhyiddin Yassin, following an approval from King Abdullah Ahmad Shah on Monday, 11th January; a proposal that was previously rejected in October the previous year.


As mentioned in the announcement, with covid-19 cases in Malaysia now reaching its four-digit mark, a decree of emergency is deemed by the Prime Minister as a much needed action in order to curb the ever-growing number. "Unprecedented measures call for unprecedented action" is used as a justification of this emergency decree. To simplify, here's all that you need to know: 

 • The government is to remain as usual.
 • The parliamentary and state assembly sittings will hereby cease to convene until further notice.
 • State of emergency ≠ military coup.
 • No curfews will be imposed.
 • No elections.

The state of emergency is stated to last until August 1st, although it may be resolved earlier should there be any improvement in the number of reported cases. 


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