Do You Know That If You Use The McD App, There Are #6 Discount Hacks?



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Do You Know That If You Use The McD App, There Are #6 Discount Hacks?

By ellephant

We love when we can outsmart the capitalism system!

In the hopes of getting some really great deals when getting your share of McDonalds, did you know that using their app, actually benefits your wallet?

That's right, there are some discount hacks to be had when you use the McD app to make your purchases. 

Check them out down below.  

#1 New user points + bonus

If you're a new user to the app, you can redeem a FREE Sundae Cone, and you'll be awarded 500 points!

#2 2,000 mark reward

If you're able to collect up to 2,000 points on the McD app, you'll be able to redeem FREE Ayam Goreng McD!  

#3 A set for only RM12

When you use the app, you'll be able to get an Ayam Goreng Set with Chicken McNuggets and Sundae for only RM12!

#4 2 drinks = RM10

The app lets you spend only RM9.99 for 2 Iced Lattes, everyday!  

#5 Monday blues no more

Every Monday, you get a Sausage McMuffin with Egg for only RM5!

#6 Lunch and dessert covered

Use the app to get a McChicken + Oreo McFlurry for only RM9.99!  

If those aren't steals, we don't know what is. Download the app and live your best life today...

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