What Is A Period Panty? Pierre Cardin Sells Them & We're Curious!



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What Is A Period Panty? Pierre Cardin Sells Them & We're Curious!

By ellephant

We're going to be honest, we've never heard of this...

Based on a Twitter user, Pierre Cardin sells something called a 'Period Panty', and it basically works like a pad!


It is made in way where women no longer need to wear a tampon, a cup or a pad!

Based on its label, the panty comes with these benefits:

- Absorbs and holds blood up to 36ml (up to 12 hours)

- Is equivalent to 2 regular pads

- Controls odour

- Is leak proof

- Made from soft and breathable cotton

It's main function is so that women have a more environmentally-friendly option, as it cuts down disposal waste. 

So, all you gotta do is wear it when you're on your period, and wash it after it's full (it has been said to last up to 40 washes). 

Comes in all sizes, visit a store near you and try it out for yourself!

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