Hair Problems? Here's A Solution That Many Have Said To Have Worked!



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Hair Problems? Here's A Solution That Many Have Said To Have Worked!

By ellephant

As we grow older, keeping youth can be quite a challenge. 

Yes it is age with grace and whatnot, but if there are ways to look and feel young just a little bit longer, why not right?

One of those problems is maintaining a healthy head of hair. Some people even start the struggle at a very young age. 

That being said, we've heard of a method that can help with hair and scalp health. 

Check it out.  


- Hair thins

- Hair gets oily or greasy really quick, so you wash it often

- Hair lacks volume no matter how you style it

- Itchy scalp


Clove water  

Rinse your hair with clove water, and it becomes less oily, not itchy, you can not wash it so regularly. 

Cloves have eugenol and Vitamin K which helps stimulate hair follicles, improves blood circulation and promotes healthy hair growth. 

A good solution, no? Try it out if this is something you suffer with!

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