Malaysians Working In Singapore & Brunei Are Earning Up To RM64k A Month!



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Malaysians Working In Singapore & Brunei Are Earning Up To RM64k A Month!

By ellephant

Malaysians are making so much money out of Malaysia, it’s insane!

Based on reports from the Statistics Department of Malaysia, Malaysians working in Brunei and Singapore earn up to RM64,000 a month.  

In Singapore:

• 66.7% make between S$1,500 - S$3,000 (RM3,560 - RM10,678)

• 18.5% make between S$3,600 - S$9,999 (RM12,813 - RM35,589)

The highest for Malaysians who work in Singapore stands at S$18,000 which is approximately RM64,066 in one month.

In Brunei:

•41.3% make between BN$1,000 - BN$3,000 (RM3,558 - RM10,674)

•43.5% make between BN$3,001 - BN$10,000 (RM10,678 - RM35,582)  

Chief Statistician also noted that half of Malaysians have an SPM qualification or equivalent work as skilled and semi-skilled workers in these two countries, and they’re aged between 25 and 34 years.

He also noted that Malaysians who work in Brunei have a higher tendency to move there, as compared to Malaysians working in Singapore.  

“The high exchange rates for BND and SGD are one of the factors Malaysians are choosing to work in these 2 countries”, he said.

Besides that are job opportunities, a good working environment as well as migrating for partner/family purposes.

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