19-Year-Old Coldplay Fan Launches Crowdfunding For Tickets Worth RM3,958



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19-Year-Old Coldplay Fan Launches Crowdfunding For Tickets Worth RM3,958

2 Weeks ago
By GraceSundram

A 19-year-old Malaysian named Syafiq is on a mission to fulfil his lifelong dream of watching the renowned British rock band Coldplay perform live. 

With their upcoming concert in Malaysia, Syafiq's excitement is palpable, but so are the challenges he faces.

Syafiq, who describes himself as a young individual still finding his way in life, has a deep admiration for Coldplay. 

Their music has resonated with him on a profound level, and the opportunity to witness their live performance in his home country is a dream come true. However, with the demands of his studies and the imminent ticket sale, he finds himself at a crossroads.

With only one concert scheduled so far, Syafiq realizes that this might be his only chance to see his favourite band live. 


Determined to make it happen, he is actively seeking alternative ways to secure funds for the coveted concert ticket that is worth RM3,958. 

In a heartfelt plea, he has turned to the power of social media and opened up a crowdfunding campaign to rally support from fellow music enthusiasts and Coldplay fans.


As of now, he has gained only one supporter on the crowdfunding page who has donated RM260.83.

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