"Car + Sun = Oven" Heatwave Shrinks Shoes: Mother's TikTok Video Sparks Online Frenzy



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"Car + Sun = Oven" Heatwave Shrinks Shoes: Mother's TikTok Video Sparks Online Frenzy


In recent days, the weather has been scorching hot, to the extent that even shoes are shrinking!

A mother shared on TikTok how one side of her child's shoe shrank after being inadvertently left to "bake" in her car under the blazing sun, rendering it unwearable on that side.


Reportedly, the mother was vacationing in Pulau Langkawi when she unintentionally left one side of her son's shoe in the car. Much to her surprise, the shoe shrank significantly after being exposed to the intense heat, leaving her amused and perplexed. The shoe was said to have shrunk from "toddler size to a newborn size."

Determined to create a matching pair of miniature shoes, she decided to subject the other side of the shoe to the same treatment, leaving it to bake in the sun as well.


As expected, the second side of the shoe also shrank, creating a perfectly "symmetrical" set of miniature shoes. In good humour, she suggested that these could now be gifted to someone with smaller feet.


Several netizens chimed in with similar experiences, sharing how their shoes also shrank after being left in the sun for a few hours. One commenter joked about intentionally trying the "sun treatment" to shrink oversized shoes.

It's worth noting that shoes made of foam-like plastics without rubber soles or insoles, which are moulded in one piece and lack shaping agents, are prone to deformation under high temperatures. Consequently, such shoes are not suitable for prolonged exposure to extreme heat, as it can disrupt the internal molecular structure, causing them to shrink irreversibly.

So, if you happen to have oversized shoes, this scorching weather might provide the perfect opportunity to shrink them down to size! 

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