Ministry Of Finance Announces Start Of Rahmah Cash Contribution Phase 2 Payments From April 3rd Onwards



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Ministry Of Finance Announces Start Of Rahmah Cash Contribution Phase 2 Payments From April 3rd Onwards

2 Weeks ago
By Dhiviya

Phase 2 of the Sumbangan Tunai Rahmah (STR) will begin distributing payments to 8.4 million beneficiaries on Wednesday, April 3.

Payments in the range of RM 100 to RM 650 will be expected.

The Finance Ministry (MOF) mentioned in a statement today that, according on their qualifying categories, both new and current beneficiaries who have registered in the STR database may gradually receive payment through their bank accounts or cash at Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) branches.

According to MOF, to increase the number of individuals who may get government assistance, the government has changed its registration policy for STR 2024 to be available throughout the year as of this year.

It stated, "Therefore, taking into account the ongoing new applications and information updates compared to once a year previously, the number of eligible recipients is expected to increase this year."

To complete a verification procedure based on the qualifying STR category, candidates must apply if their names are not included in the STR database.

To help low- and middle-income earners deal with the growing cost of living, the government boosted funding for the targeted subsidy program under STR Phase 2 by 20%, to RM1.5 billion, from RM1.26 billion the previous year, according to the announcement.

In the same statement, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim mentioned that the Madani government's economic reforms were motivated by a real desire to guarantee that the nation's wealth is distributed more fairly among the populace in addition to correcting the country's financial structure.

"May Allah willing, the government will continue to bolster its financial support for the populace in tandem with the development of the nation's financial standing, including the introduction of targeted subsidies for those who require them, said Anwar, the Finance Minister.

The public can visit the official STR site at to verify their eligibility status for STR and to view the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Additionally, the MOF warned beneficiaries of clicking on unreliable links from careless sources when seeking out details on the STR program. 

Source Link : Bernama 

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