Selangor Permanent Forest Reserves Reopened | Time To Go Hiking!



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Selangor Permanent Forest Reserves Reopened | Time To Go Hiking!

By m7py

Good news! Selangor will be reopening all of its Permanent Forest Reserves (HSK) from this Saturday (Feb 5.) onwards.

In its online statement, the state's Forestry Department listed down areas that opened starting this weekend. Take a look below:

Selangor Tengah

- Gunung Nuang

- Gunung Hitam

- Bukit Cenuang

- Air Terjun Sungai Lepoh

- Bukit Saga

- Bukit Apek

- Bukit Broga

- Bukit Kembara

- Air Terjun Ulu Berdik

Hulu Selangor

- Gunung Ulu Semangko

- Bukit Choroko

- Bukit Kutu

- Air Terjun Lata Medang

- Air Terjun Lata Macau

- Air Terjun Setinggi

- Air Terjun Lubuk Kawah

Gunung Nuang Kerana is still closed for maintenance due to the previous monsoon season.

Make sure to get your hiking permit before proceeding with your climbing activities at the forest reserves. Check out how here

Happy hiking & practice SOPs at all times! 

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