Picking a Partner is No Walk in the Park | 9 Things to Remember Before You Start a Relationship



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Picking a Partner is No Walk in the Park | 9 Things to Remember Before You Start a Relationship

By ellephant

Love can be easy, but in order to get there, there are a number of things to first consider. 

Before learning to love the right way, there are certain things to one must keep in mind. 

Here is a list of 10 of them. 

1. Peace & Self-esteem


Should you not be at peace with yourself, or somewhat at a satisfying level with self-confidence, then any relationship you enter into, is bound to be problematic in nature. 

2. Down in the dumps


Love is not the cure to sadness or depression. You have to be first happy with yourself before you're happy with someone else. 

3. Thinking things through


If you're not serious about doing something long-term, don't delve into commitment and exclusivity. 

4. Validation


A relationship isn't a place to seek validation. Validation should come from within. 

5. Beauty is only skin-deep


Looks and money will fade, it is the real stuff which shall remain. If you're looking for the former, you're not looking for something serious. 

6. Ego


Love can only exists where ego cease to exists. 

7. Them


A relationship is about two people, but it mostly about doing what you can to make another happy, because it makes you happy. 

8. Be confident


How you handle yourself, is how you're telling the world to handle you.

9. Outside them


You're your own person, be sure to have good balance, and a life outside this other person. 

In the wise words of Cristina Yang 'Don't let what he wants, eclipse what you need. He's very dreamy, but he's not the sun, you are.'

Some great tips to consider before you devote yourself to another!

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