#SapotLokal - 12 Malaysian Streetwear Brands That Will Totally Upgrade Your Wardrobe!



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#SapotLokal - 12 Malaysian Streetwear Brands That Will Totally Upgrade Your Wardrobe!

By Pineapplesz

In Malaysia, streetwear is what you would call premium or luxurious clothing. Mostly influenced by how international celebrities are seen pairing streetwear with luxury fashion items. The new luxury in fashion is streetwear, and Malaysia isn't missing out on the trend.

Looking for Malaysian streetwear brands to amp up your wardrobe? Be it luxury, sportswear or any other style of your choice, these brands got you covered!


NERD Unit aka No One Ever Really Dies is a streetwear brand mainly consisting of military-inspired clothing crafted with reflective fabric. Known for its oversized fits and reflective fabric that you should definitely check out.

Shop online: https://nerdunit.us/ 

2 | TNTCO 

Well-known among the younger generation, TNTCO offers timeless yet minimalistic designs of graphic tees. A reason for them to be one of the top streetwear brands in Malaysia is due to their up-to-date trends and designs.

Shop online: https://tntco.co/ 

3 | Asly 

Asly offers local and authentic streetwear designs. Derived from the Malaysian word "asli" which means original, it is used to describe their brand as original. Their own style and encourage people to be the most original version of themselves.

Shop online: https://aslyofficial.com/ 


Are you really a Malaysian if you've never heard of this brand before? STONED & CO aims to spread bold messages through their minimalist designs. The designs are inspired by various art, culture and habits that represent our multicultural country. 

Shop online: https://stonedandco.com/ 

5 | Pestle & Mortar Clothing

Once again questioning the status of your citizenship if you haven't heard of this brand before. Pestle & Mortar Clothing is one of the most popular brands amongst the younger generation at Kuala Lumpur. This brand focuses on graphic tees, outerwear and accessories.

Shop online: https://pestlemortarclothing.com/ 


Wanna upgrade your wardrobe with pieces revolving minimalistic artwork designs? AGAINST LAB got it covered. Their clothing will make sure your streetwear game is always on point.

Shop online: https://againstlab.com/ 


OBSCR, an abbreviation of the word Obscure is anything but unclear. OBSCR focuses on a seamless blend of anatomy and movement in their clothing. They offer mainly high-quality sportswear and contemporary pieces.

Shop online: https://obscrlimited.com/password 


A well-known streetwear brand where the pieces revolve around functionality. Such as the vests are lined with compartments, cargo pants and jumpsuits are equipped with pockets to hold everything you carry. How convenient!

Shop online: https://futuremadestudio.com/

9 | Idle/idō 

Have interest in the Japanese aesthetic and philosophy? Well, here's a streetwear brand for you. Majority of Idle/idō clothing implements Japanese elements into it. Their clothing includes bottoms, long-sleeved t-shirts and outerwear that's friendly for the humid weather in Malaysia.

Shop online: https://www.idleido.com/ 

10 | Attack Apparel

Quite well-known for its detailed graphic tees, Attack Apparel has been operating since 2009. Their unique hand-drawn designs have won the hearts of streetwear fashionistas. Be sure to check them out and support!

Shop online: https://www.instagram.com/attackapparel/?hl=en 

11 | Tarik Jeans

As the name of the brand suggests, Tarik Jeans is definitely catching our attention. This local brand offers high quality and reasonably priced local jeans. Not only that, they also offer graphic tees, crop tops, denim jackets and trucker caps.

Shop online: https://shopee.com.my/tarikjeans 


REXAGON specializes in stylish and comfortable streetwear clothing. Ranges from graphic tees, utility jackets, fanny packs and baseball caps. Perfect for everyday casual wear.

Shop online: https://rexagon.co/

Make sure to check out these local streetwear brands and tell us which is your favorite one to shop from.

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