Chef Wan's Mother, Cik Ani Passes Away At 93



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Chef Wan's Mother, Cik Ani Passes Away At 93

By JustineG

Datuk Redzuan Ismail, often known as Chef Wan took to Instagram to share his mother's passing. Which happened early Thursday (Jan 12) morning at 6.20am.

His mother, Noraini Abdullah or Cik Ani, had previously been hospitalized due to health complications and passed after ten days in a coma.

Chef Wan revealed on his Instagram that his 91-year-old mother's health was deteriorating.

According to the doctor, his mother's heartbeat is getting slower and irregular.

In his Instagram post, the caption reads, "I whisper to her ear " Ma if u are ready please go. I will be here to look after our family. U have been the best mother anyone could wish for."

Rest in peace, CIk Ani.

Chef Wan Cik Ani cancer health complications passed away


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