"Lelong~ PADU's Databas Is On Sales?" Hacker Group Challenges Rafizi, Publicly Auctions PADU Database



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"Lelong~ PADU's Databas Is On Sales?" Hacker Group Challenges Rafizi, Publicly Auctions PADU Database


Despite the denial from the Minister of Finance, Rafizi, regarding the alleged breach of the Primary Database (PADU), the international hacker group R00TK1T has issued a bold statement. They have initiated a public auction of the complete PADU database, starting the bidding at USD $50,000.

"While the Finance Minister denies the hacking of PADU, R00TK1T sees it differently."


A screenshot circulating on the social media platform 'X' reveals that the hacker group R00TK1T not only publicly auctions the essential database information but also exposes screenshots of Rafizi's personal PADU account.

"We are selling the PADU database and discreetly took a screenshot of the Finance Minister's PADU account."


The screenshot indicates that the bidding for the database starts at $50,000.

"Remember, the highest bidder wins."

Simultaneously, according to netizens sharing the screenshot, the current bidding price has already risen to $55,000 and continues to increase.

In a previous report, online media outlet Lowyat.Net claimed that PADU had fallen victim to a hacker attack, with its database being stolen.

However, Rafizi has refuted these claims, criticizing Lowyat.Net for not verifying the information before publishing the report.

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