Need A Tow For Your Car? This Motorcyclist Can Do The Job Better



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Need A Tow For Your Car? This Motorcyclist Can Do The Job Better

By Nick Dorian

If you've ever been on our Malaysian roads, you may have come across situations when a kind motorcyclist is helping his brethren by towing their bike to the nearest petrol station, by way of using one foot to push the other motorcycle. Its a common occurrence for sure. What's less common though, is what a netizen recently witnessed while on his daily drive.

Taking to TikTok, user @syean_77 noticed something rather unusual during his commute. As an MPV broke down, it was clear that the vehicle was in need of some assistance. While some may assume the driver would call in a tow truck to assist, another unassuming rider came in to give some support.

Using his immaculate leg strength, this kind motorcyclist was able to push the vehicle to safety just like how he would for his fellow motorcycle riders. It's a moment that a lot of people would be surprised at seeing, but at the same time, would warm the cockles of your heart at the kind gesture.

Undeniably, people were amused, surprised and warmed by the incident, taking to the comments to express their admiration.  

"I used to always judge these motorcyclists for pawning their lives. It turns out that they are also pawning their beautiful motorcycles to help others."

"I don't even know how to push using 2 legs"

Needless to say, the mans heartwarming gesture has not only caused much delight amongst the public, but also prove that when in need, you can always count on the generosity of those around you.

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Nick Dorian

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