Do You Think You Pass For A Happy Person? Here Are 10 Habits To Tell



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Do You Think You Pass For A Happy Person? Here Are 10 Habits To Tell

By ellephant

We all believe ourselves to be happy. 

But all jokes aside, are we genuinely happy, or do our actions speak of those which do not exactly entail happiness?

It is different for each person, but there are certain habits of those who are happy deep within. 

These are 10 of them, check it out.  

#1 They don't have need to show off that they are happy

#2 They talk lesser than most, because they don't have time for bullshit

#3 They are opened to learning more and more on the daily

#4 They enjoying helping those who are less fortunate than they are

#5 They have more laughs  

#6 They do not waste their time on things which are not worth their time

#7 They do not feel entitled to happiness, they take what they can get

#8 They care for their bodies enough to eat and practice a healthy lifestyle

#9 They practice sympathy as well as empathy for those around them

#10 They remain positive during even the darkest of days

How many did you tick off your list? Are you happy, enough?  

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