We're Presenting You The 10 Tips You Can Use To Up Your Makeup Game, Check Them Out!



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We're Presenting You The 10 Tips You Can Use To Up Your Makeup Game, Check Them Out!

By ellephant

We may know a thing or two about makeup. But an evergrowing trend, there is always room to learn. 

This TikToker explained 10 tips one can use when applying their makeup in order to take your face to the next level. 

We listed them down below for you to make things easier. 

#1 Blend your foundation with your fingers
What you get: super natural skin-like finish, allows you to reach the nooks and crannies 

#2 Blend your base with a sponge sprayed with finishing/setting spray
What you get: Blend more flawlessly, lasts longer

#3 Reserve the undereye area for concealer
What you get: Less creasing, lesser product used

#4 Don't double dip your eyebrow wax (if it comes in a jar), scoop it out
What you get: Ensures that the product isn't diluted with facial oils

#5 Let your concealer sit before blending
What you get: Full coverage with lesser product used

#6 Spray finishing spray between every step
What you get: Keeps skin looking fresh for hours, base looks soft and air brushed

#7 Add dark eyeshadow or powder if your eyeliner smudges easy
What you get: It'll stop the bleeding/smudging

#8 Apply inner eyeliner to the lower left line for eyelids with a epicanthic fold
What you get: Eyes which are more emphasized

#9 Highlight the corner of the eyes, up and down into the lash line (optional)
What you get: Opens up the eyes, brighter eyes

#10 Drench your brush with setting spray and dab
What you get: Melts makeup into your skin

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